About Us

Saunders’ Surveys, Inc. is a small engineering/surveying firm located a t the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Nelson County.  It was formed in July of 1991 by P. Massie Saunders, Jr.  Massie Saunders is both a Land Surveyor (License #1636) and a Professional Engineer (License #22387), graduating in 1980 from Virginia Tech with a degree in Agricultural Engineering with a Civil Engineering Surveying Option.


The Saunders’ have been working on engineering/surveying projects in Nelson and surrounding counties since about 1915, with more than 9000 completed jobs.  T. W. Saunders and S. E. Saunders, two brothers, began the Saunders’ surveying tradition.  The tradition was continued by S. E. Saunders’ son, Paul M. Saunders and now by Paul M. Saunders’ son, P. Massie Saunders, Jr.  Specifically Saunders’ Surveys has only existed since 1991 but the “Saunders Family” has been doing all types of surveying/engineering work in the area since the early 1900’s.  Saunders’ Surveys has completed tasks for various entities throughout Virginia, several in West Virginia, several in the D. C. area, one in North Carolina and one as far away as Puerto Rico.

The present personnel of Saunders’ Surveys, Inc. have been involved in many different types of surveying and engineering related projects: site plans, boundary surveys, topographical surveys, construction stakeout, VDOT location surveys, sewer and water design and layout, hydrologic surveys for flood analysis, athletic facility design and layout, and surveys for photogrammetric work.

Currently, Saunders’ Surveys is using Maptech, Carlson, and Terramodel to compute, plan, and draft projects.  With the software packages we have available to us, we are able to take any project from concept to completion.

Saunders’ Surveys is known throughout the surveying/engineering profession and works with many larger surveying/engineering firms as a subcontractor.  Firms that we have worked with include Wiley Wilson in Lynchburg, Va., Hurt & Proffitt, in Lynchburg, Va., W W Associates in Charlottesville, Va., and Draper Aden at Glen Allen, Va.