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Survey Services in Central Virginia

For over 100 years we have been offering land survey expertise

Boundary Surveys

We help to determine property lines and define true property corners of a parcel of land described in a deed. We also indicate the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show the limitations imposed on the property by state or local regulations.

We take projects from concept to completion. Clients discuss their needs and we put together the suitable team for the job. We work on large commercial sites and the smallest of residential sites. We have worked as sub-contractors for many larger firms. We have the capability to handle almost any type of project.

Our most common service is Boundary Surveys in Amherst, Nelson, Buckingham, Albemarle, Augusta, and Rockbridge Counties. We do a tremendous amount of Boundary Surveys due to our long history of that type of work, beginning around 1915. We have about 90% of the original plats and documents for the more than 12,000 jobs completed by the Saunders family.
We settle a many boundary disputes before they reach the courts with our archives. All the documentation is in a fireproof room in readily accessible. We also have the very historical, original field notes. We also have the old equipment that my family used years ago to address issues.

The older instruments worked off of a compass and there are places in our area with a high degree of magnetic attraction. With that being said, we can take the old instruments out and read compass readings along the line to try and determine why a line is located where it is, as opposed to where the plat (numbers) tell us it should be. It's not often we need to do this, but we are able to when the job calls for it.
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It's Our Experience and History That Makes a Difference

We've been around for over 100 years, based right here in Central Virginia. We live in the area, love the area and know the area like the back of our hand.

Other Services

Site development surveyors in virginia

Site Development

Creating civil site drawings for construction of many types of facilities.
Land planning surveyors in Virginia

Land Plannning

We are involved and help that first step that a developer takes upon acquiring a site.


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